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Dahd Mei-Jadhi (Little Sister)
United States
Name: Dahd Mei-Jadhi (Little Sister)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual (Only Interested in the MALE Gender)
Single or Taken: Taken (Has a Boyfriend)-
Race: White
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Grayish-Blue
Hobbies: Drawing, Gaming, Reading & Research
Future Career: Artist, Movie Critic, Author, Voice Actress, Movie & Video Editing, Employee for 20th Century Fox & Mother


Our Friend Crazeyelmo
Crazeyelmo here is a long time friend of my Boyfriend, even though me and Festive have never met him in person, He lives elsewhere, but Crazey did send Festiveluna a picture of himself, so we know what he looks like. The crazy evil Elmo on his shirt is Actually his Profile picture on his Skype and Steam, So I made it into a shirt for him. I actually had to ask Crazey about his eye color and the type of shoe he wear and I did feel awkward asking him but as an artist, detail is Important.
I've been obsessing over Bendy and the ink Machine lately and I've even played Ch. 1 & 2 on my steam and I'm really looking forward to Ch 3. So I Drew myself in that old timey cartoonie style as bendy. I really love "build up our machine" by DAGames. BATIM was created by TheMeatly.
My Boyfriend Festiveluna
Here it is! My boyfriend
Yes he does have a Rick & Morty shirt in real life that he got from a Walmart, he fucking loves that cartoon, Me personally, I don't. He is also a gamer & Brony. He is currently going to college and he has a steam currently under the username of Altrum (his Draconequus oc). He is funny, Cute, Smart, and a real sweetheart. I Love My Boyfriend so much!
Here it is, ME! This is what I look like and the Xeno Jacket was a cute idea that popped in my head. I love the kind of jackets with the thumbholes and the tail is part of the jacket. And I do actually have an Alien queen chestburster neckless that my boyfriend got for me because he's sweet like that.
M.A.R.D. 1# Comic Cover
It has finally come! My M.A.R.D. Comic! Here is the Cover for the comic, the rest will be coming soon!
Mictlan was ruled by King Mictlantechtil, Lord of the Underworld, and his wife, Mitecacihuat, Lady of the Underworld. Mictlantechtil was the God of the dead and the king of Mictlan. His domain was the lowest and northernmost section of the underworld. He was one of the principal gods of the Aztecs and was the most prominent of several Gods and Goddesses of death in the underworld, one of them being Cihuacoatl, The Goddess of Motherhood and fertility who commanded Mictlan spirits called Cihuateteo, Spirits of women who died in childbirth. The worship of Mictlantechtil sometimes involved ritual cannibalism, with the human flesh being consumed in and around the temple. Mictlantechtil was 6 foot tall blood-spattered skeleton with eyes in his sockets. He wore a headdress decorated with owl feathers and paper banners, he wore a necklace of human eyeballs, while his earspools were made from human bones.


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BTW, What paint program do you use? I'm really looking for a paint program to better my art
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paint tool sai
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